What We Do

We offer a special rental service for clients with minimum account size of $5000 US.

Client can choose any FX broker in the world as long as it is regulated.

We will receive the client's account credentials and setup our LonyTECH system on our special servers to connect to client's account.

It takes about 3 days from the moment we receive the client's account credentials for the LonnyTECH start operating on the account.

FX- Broker must have :

  • MT-4 Platform
  • Minimum Leverage of 0.01 LOT
  • To carry out currency and exchange transactions.
  • Hedging capabilities
  • 2-4 pips spread for GBP/USD

Clients money not at risk

  • The LonnyTECH developrs team provide its commitment and assurance that your client money is not at risk at any time.
  • The system has an in-built protection mechanism for any upcoming, unknowing or surprising event that the financial markets can come up with.

Service cost - Account size up to $ 10,000 US

3 month rental for free

Monthly fee from 4th month of operation - $50 US