Our Algo-Trading Fund

What do we offer ?

We offer a special service for those who are looking for a reliable and profitable algotrading system. Clients that are looking for such service can write to us and we will engage them with our ECN broker. Our broker will open a new account for you with a minimum deposit of $5,000 US. This is a private account with a dedicated user name and password and comes with daily E-mail report and 24/7 transparency. The account will be connected to our special LonnyTECH system - and its done. The account will start receiving trades from ourLonnyTECH system. Just contact us and we will handle the rest for you.

What do we get ?

Our income base on smonthly rental fee only ( First 3 month for free)

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Clients money not at risk

You have our commitment and assurance that your money is not at risk at any time. The system has an in-built protection mechanism for any upcoming, unknowing or surprising event that the financial markets can come up with.

The LonnyTECH system is a result of 15 years of intensive trading and research. It’s important to emphasis that clients’ accounts are not accessible by any of the FX-ENIGMA team. Its absolutely personal and protected accounts. Clients can stop activity, Can withdrew money, can deposit directly with the broker and its 100% transparent , safe and secured for each client.

The LonyTECH it’s not just an ALGO-TADING system – it’s a unique trading concept.

Why to choose LonnyTECH ?

The FX-Enigma's - LonnyTECH system is one of kind trading system. Our system is designed as a new concept of trading. Check our performance page to view real time and a verified track record. The LonnyTECH designed in a way that no matter the market direction is – money will be made. Beside unique overall concept, our system internal EA’s designed to follow tough rules in order to operate. We require a minimum of $ 5,000 US investment per clients in order to support extreme market situations and to assure safe margin.

How does our system work?

Our LonnyTECH trading system follows the market 24 hours a day during all 5 trading days a week. We trade only one asset – The GBPUSD. Trades level will start with Micro lots (0.01) and up to 0.1 lots for basic configuration. Very extreme cases in market conditions can lead to up to 20% drawdown (very rare) The Drawdowm claculated from the balanced account size and not from the deposit. Each day of trading the balance is growing, it’s a fact!!! and therefore when calculating drawdown from balance its important to understand that the balance is higher from preliminary investment and therefore the 20% drawdown for those extreme cases its not 20% from clients investment

Client’s profile

There is no client’s profile requires in order to join our LonnyTECH system. The system is designed for all value seekers that have the money and the patience to see their money grow.

What do we offer?

Password protected Personal account. Any local and regulated broker. 24/7 full transparency and full access via computer or any mobile device. Profit and fund withdraw at any time with no limits. Secured system.

What we gain ?

Monthly rental of $ 50 US starting from 4th month of operation.

How to join ?

Once done and you made you deposit, just let us know and we will handle the rest for you