Personal Statement

Yes we can - Yes we do

I have been through many experiences in my personal life. I had a great childhood living in small and nice city near one of the best beaches in the world. I joined the Air Force, worked there for few years, before leaving to join a leading computer giant of that time (Data General). I moved to the high tech industry, which involved me travelling all over the world, until 15 years ago when I decided to set up my life by joining the financial markets (Forex).

I can say that I have achieved a lot of positive milesstones in this exciting market, chief amongst which is becoming a leading mentor, providing financial services, and publishing about 12 professional books. Few years ago, I made a decision to yet again change some few things in my life. I decided to get closer to religion, and in the process, I hit upon a brilliant idea to design a unique system.

After a couple of years, battling with many sleepless nights and frustrations, I believe I am at the point where I can expose the FX-ENIGMA - LonnyTECH to the world.

The FX-ENIGMA's - LonnyTECH trading system is not a typical trading system. A lot of thinking and testing has gone into designing this system.

Potential investor ? Please read

If you are an investor and would like to use the system, here are some few basics that needs to be understood:

The LonnyTECH system needs time to build it self in order to start generating stable profits. (About 2-8 weeks).

The LonyTECH system is designed in a way that none of the sub unique algo trading robots (EA's) takes losses since there is always hedged positions.

As the designer of the LonnyTECH I highly recommend to give a minimum of 1 year for the trading system to work on clients accounts.

Depending on markets conditions, it may take between 2 - 8 weeks to start and really see what the system can do.

The system works all the time. to eliminate risks from the clients investments - it always maintain reasonable risks.

I sincerely believe that over time, investors will learn to trust and love the system.