Join Our Lonny Tech

We offer a special EA rental for individual traders or value seekers.

Our system is designed for smooth operation with at least $5000 USD personal account size.

We are very well experienced PRO traders that made a life decision:

We name the system: LonnyTECH.

Today we are in a position to offer for a serious investors a relatively solid return in a range of 5% -15% per month on any market conditions. Unlike many other trading algorithm developers, we have decided to design a complete system with a very unique trading concept. We are not asking much from our clients. We offer a fair proposal: 15% success fee. We urge each one to go over all information present inside our web site.

To stop chasing the money and let the money chases us.

We wanted for us and for our families more spare time and a stress free way of living. So, we used our profits and saving to hire top software engineers in order to automate our knowledge and experience. It took us two years of testing in order to make a decision that we are ready to expose our system to the world.

Clients money not at risk

Self traders clients have LonnyTECH developers commitment and assurance that their money o is not at risk at any time. The system has an in-built protection mechanism for any upcoming, unknowing or surprising event that the financial markets can come with.