Personal and secures account Regulated leading broker 24/7 transparency Account access 24/7 Withdraw at any time

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Personal and secures account Regulated leading broker 24/7 transparency Account access 24/7 Withdraw at any time

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The LonnyTECH Algo-Trading system is a combination of 3 identical MT4 trading platforms. Each platform comes with pre-installed of 5 self-learning robots(MT4 EA , named LonnyTECH). All 3 MT4 platforms creating a complete and unique trading system. Each LonnyTECH EA has been tested 20 years back in tick mode. However as we are a pro tradres and not naive we do understand that backtesting is not enough to insure sucess and therefore we developed a unique trading concept.

3 Idendical platforms that deals with seperate tasks :

The first platform deals with selling and buying (short/long).

The second platform deals with buying only (long).

The third platform deals with selling only (short).

The system is designed to work with only one asset – GBP/USD.
Aside from the LonnyTECH robot, there is a special hedging robot that helps the system to maintain allowed risks (Net lots).

The Hedger constantly looking over the total trading volumes and maintain low exposure in order to reduce risks on any market event/condition.Each LonnyTECH robot work as an independent unit, learning the ratio behind successful trades, and executing new trades based on the collected information.There is a special mechanism that “cheats” the robot in terms of account size in order to maintain low leverages and in order to protect our clients investment.The system generates many low risk and low leverage trades per day and collects a lot of reletively small profits from the market that sum up for a nice and impressive profit at the end of each month.

It may take to the LonnyTECH system about 2 - 8 weeks to start and balance itself for constant profits. There is a self learning curve. And thats why we are asking from our clients for patience.

Configurable Parameters

There are two main Algorithm running inside the system.The first and main algorithm is the: LonnyTECH - algorithm.

LonnyTECH BS- Deals with buying and selling activity.
LonnyTECH B - Deals with buying only acitivity.
LonnyTECH S - Deals with selling only activity.

The second algorithm is the LonnyTECH Hedger, our backround protecting EA.

The LonnyTECH:

On the LonnyTECH algorithm there is only one configurable parameter and its the "Account Size" . Since each LonnyTECH EA operates as a Independence and unique algorithm that self learn successful statistics and since it can increase leverage by itself, we have decided to developed a "cheating" mechanism that 'tells' the LonyTECH different account size from the actuall real total account size. Since the system open many trades ( in a small leverage) , we must protect our clients accounts from over leverage. By "telling" the LonyTECH( 15 robots in total in each LonyTECH system) that the account size is only $ 1000 USD, for example, it will limit the maximum trade size of 0.1 lot, account size of $2000 USD will allow maximum trade size of 0.2 lot and so on. It may seem like a little leverage for large clients account size of $50,000 USD and more, but it is not. Many trades with leverage starting at 0.01 lot to 0.1 lot can lead to big loses in case of wrong operation. The system is well designed to operate on all time scale starting at 5 miniute and up to daily on both directions. The low leverage is one of our key reason for sucess.

The Hedger :

The LonnyTECH Hedger special algorithm is uniquely designed to protect our clients investment. There are three configurable parameters:

When to start opertaion? This means on what lot size of exposure will it open contradicting trades. We are changing this parameter base on total account growth.

What will be the hedging percentage ?

Distance of take profit ?

Our team, based on positive progress and growing account size will handle change parameters as describe above. There is no cost involved effecting any required changes.

Spread protection :

The system comes with an in-built spread protection. Once market increases the spread due to a specific event, the system will not open any new trade.

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